Tool Tracker

Tool Tracker

High degree of positional accuracy

ToolTracker is a vision-based, scalable software and hardware system to deliver error proofing and data collection for manual fastening processes. With a large field of view, ToolTracker enables accuracy in nutrunner socket position to within 0.5mm; this permits repeatable & reliable error proofing in even the most closely spaced sequence of critical fasteners

Manage torquing sequence

ToolTracker communicates with the nutrunner controller, communicating position and triggering torque parameters unique to the particular fastener; this saves both time and money, since only a single nutrunner is required for these kinds of complex sequences; further, the nutrunner can be disabled until the correct fastener in the sequence is reached.

Freedom of motion – Fixed mount cameras do the tracking so no physical connection with the torque gun is necessary; this gives operators full freedom of motion with a focus on the fastening. Fewer moving parts (no encoders), mean a lower cost to operate.

Tolerance to a range of lighting conditions – ToolTracker ships with infrared (IR) lighting as part of the standard kit, thus ensuring there is no minimum threshold for visible light for the system

Technical Specifications

A ToolTracker base kit includes Two (2) cameras with optics, infra-red (IR) lighting, set of three (3) calibration targets, tool tracking target and the software application for tracking. A computer and monitor are supplied as well*.

Operating system: Windows 10

Communication protocol: standard industrial protocols like Profinet or EthernetIP

*An additional electrical control panel for computer mounting may be required