Robotic Station


Trusted experts for robotics

Our robot programming and design teams will put their design & programming expertise to work for your robotic machine tending, vision guided robotics, collaborative robotics, robotic deburring, run down and vision inspection projects.

Our expertise includes industrial robotics from ABB, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Kuka & Motoman, and collaborative robots from ABB, Fanuc, Motoman & Universal Robotics.  We’ve worked with PLC & HMI platforms from Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Telemechanique, Omron, Mitsubishi & Modicon and vision systems from Cognex, Keyence & SICK.  Our robot programmers are certified and experienced working in collaboration with our vision team and our designers are extremely knowledgeable regarding robot station and gripper design.

Robotic Machine Tending

Whether it is robotic pick & place of large engine blocks weighing hundreds of pounds or of small lightweight components or assembly of precision, Class A surface automotive lighting, effective robotic machine tending & assembly requires a deep understanding of gripper design, process requirements and robot safety.  Our team of robotics designer & programmers have that understanding, and offer the value add of vision inspection, traceability and vision guided robotics to improve the return on investment for your project.

Vision Guided Robots

Industrial robotics are smart; adding machine vision makes them even smarter.  As pioneers in the field of vision guided robotics, our vision & robotics designers have used robot guidance to improve applications from nuclear reactor maintenance to cucumber sorting & packaging, as well as automotive assembly.

Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots, or cobots, use power & force limited features to work safely alongside humans.   If you are considering collaborative robots, consider a partner like Radix Technology Solutions – we have a deep understanding of collaborative robot platforms from ABB, Fanuc, Kuka & Universal Robots.  Further, our robot designers & programmers can develop the right gripper design & integration strategy for your application.  There’s a reason we were chosen to design, deliver & install the first collaborative robot station in North America for the powertrain division of a “Detroit Three” automaker.

We’re very familiar with collaborative robots from ABB, Fanuc, Motoman & Universal Robotics.

Robotic Deburring

Deburring is the process of removing material and precisely profiling edges on parts.   Automating the process of deburring by mounting deburr tools & tooling end of arm on a robot can greatly improve the flexibility & efficiency of the deburring process.

We’re very familiar with deburring applications with industrial robotics from ABB, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Kuka & Motoman.  Our robot programmers and designers are very knowledgeable regarding robot station and gripper design for deburring applications.  Add in our capabilities in fixture design (from our Active Gauge & Fixture division) and you’ve got the right partner for a robotic deburring application.

Robotic Vision Inspections

Manufacturing is no longer constrained by the need to use only fixed mount cameras to perform error proofing, quality, traceability gauging inspections. Collaborative robots are an ideal platform for high speed, precise inspection of key points on your parts, increasing flexibility while at the same time reducing cost, complexity and failure modes. Mounting cameras end of arm on collaborative or industrial robots can bring the camera to the part; add in automated detection of part type and vision guided robotic algorithms for precise location adjustments and you’ve got a powerful tool for your plant floor.

We’re very familiar with industrial robotics from ABB, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Kuka Motoman. We are Certified Vision Systems Integrators with a 20 year history of experience with machine vision.