Why choose the Radix Technology Solutions division to deliver an outstanding custom application for your manufacturing process needs?

The Radix Technology Solutions division of the AIS Technologies Group was founded in 1994 and expanded in 2019 with the integration of Radix and the AIS Automation teams.  Together, we combine precision engineering with advanced technologies to produce outstanding Industry 4.0 solutions for our manufacturing customers.  We are trusted experts for custom manufacturing applications.

We are the partner of choice for North American manufacturers for solutions with advanced controls, intelligent robotics, custom automation and vision expertise.  For those manufacturing sectors driven by a focus on quality and process efficiency, we are the right choice to deliver a well designed, well installed advanced technology solution.

Our first customer from 1994 still does business with us.  Why?  We are capable, innovative & focused on a return on investment for your operations.

We also have invested into R&D & product development since 1994 and have several factory tested products available.  Visit our Radix Technology Products section for more information on our award winning products.

For more information on our areas of expertise, visit the following sections:

Application Highlights

The Radix Technology Solutions division of AIS Technologies Group has an ever expanding portfolio of innovative solutions for manufacturing.  Our Application Highlights includes a short list of our most recent projects; contact our sales team for more information.


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