Why choose our products?

Award winning

Our products and unique applications have won many industry awards, including quality awards from our customers


Our products are designed for processes and are adaptable for the automotive, aerospace, food/beverage and pharmaceutical industries

Cost Effective 

Product pricing & licensing vary according to the type of product.  Regardless, pricing is competitive & cost effective for manufacturers


The Radix Technology Solutions division of the AIS Technologies Group has invested into research & development since 1994, developing innovative products that improve quality, traceability & error proofing on the plant floor.    Our products are factory tested  Industry 4.0 solutions designed for the complex processes on smart factory floors.  

If you don’t see a product that will address your unique manufacturing process, a custom application may be the right solution.  See our Radix Technology Applications section to learn more about our core strengths & past projects.  Better yet, call or email us to set up a meeting!

Our key capabilities

Experienced software development team

Staffed by experienced software developers, well versed in the unique aspect of designing & developing software for manufacturing, our team can also develop custom software solutions for your specific plant floor needs.

On-site research lab

R&D is part of our DNA and is fostered by our Director of Digital Innovation. Our on-site research facility & partnerships with universities and colleges in Canada have accelerated our development capabilities, resulting in a better end product for our customers.


A Microsoft Certified Partner since 1995, you can be assured that our software development team is knowledgeable, dedicated and third party certified. We are registered in the Canadian Controlled Goods program for the aerospace & defense sectors and are AIA Certified Vision System Integrators.

ToolTracker is a vision-based, scalable software and hardware system to deliver error proofing and data collection for manual fastening processes.  It reports results in 3D space to within 0.5mm accuracy. 

Designed for error proofing manual tool operations that need to occur in specific locations and/or in a sequence. ToolTracker can enable and disable controllers such as a nutrunner during an assembly process. The system can also signal an operator when a tool is in the correct position and or the approach angle has been met to avoid things like cross threading. ToolTracker is available in a range of configurations, designed to meet a variety of technical requirements as well as budgetary restrictions.

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In-specTracker is a vision based software and hardware system to automatically record & digitally map defects during part inspection using a simple hand held stylus.  In-specTracker places position data into a virtual space with a digital twin. 

In-specTracker is a vision-based system which tracks position of defects precisely within 3dimensions.  It is designed for use on complex parts, providing hands free inspection with voice commands & audio feedback to an operator.

In-specTracker brings positional data, auditory notation and statistical reporting together. This provides the ability to analyze defect data from same part types, which allows for upstream improvements in the process that previously were difficult to achieve.

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Gear Tooth Alignment Analytics (GTAA) is an advanced vision tool for hypoid or spiral bevel gear tooth alignment, turning images of the individual gear teeth contact patterns into quantitative data for statistical process control.  GTAA, with adjustable tolerances, automates the process of inspecting differential gear & pinion alignment during production.  

Designed to automate the inspection of hypoid gears in the gear & pinion alignment step of axle or transmission assembly for the transportation industry, GTAA is a vision based system which provides key measures & characteristics of the individual tooth contact pattern on a hypoid gear.

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Canadian Controlled Goods program

Microsoft Certified Partner

Siemens Certified Solution Provider

Certified AIA Systems Integrator

Cognex Certified Partner System Integrator

Fanuc System Integrator