Multiformat Vision System

Application Like No Other.

The systems allows an operator equipped with a cellphone to acquire images of a select area to inspect to be inspected and send that image to a server, where MVS takes the image and processes it through vision based deep learning software.

What is Multiformat Vision System?

Multiformat Vision System is part cellular application and part server-based application. The system allows an operator equipped with a cell phone to acquire images of a select area to be inspected and sends that image to a server, where MVS takes an image and processes it through vision based Deep Learning software. Once this layer of AI has completed its work, the system send back the results to the mobile device.

 The whole process on average takes less than 3 seconds to complete.



Easy of Use

Freedom of Motion

Low Cost of Ownership

Flexible with a standard android smartphone. This application can be download on multiple devices to do multiple inspections in a facility.

Easy to use move the smartphone to the desired inspection point and take a picture.

Unlike fixed mounted cameras requiring line of sight; and robotic mounted cameras being omni directional. MVS field of view is unlimited.

MVS is a low-cost, highly accurate and flexible approach to manual inspection for manufacturers.

Deep Learning




Deep learning software designed specifically for manufacturing. Mobile and reliable vision based software using stare of the art machine learning algorithms developed for high variability for different vision applications.

The system is localized and requires no internet connectivity. Compatibilities but not limited to talking with PLC at point on contact with inspection.

Industrial PC or server running  deep learning software. Android devices are used as imagers. You are not limited to the number of imagers you can use.

The data bases contains five configurable data tags, pass, fail, date, time and part data. Recipes, user verification, and reporting is available as a service.

Core Competencies

Application enables the use of mobile devices for image acquisition and inspect for:

● Part and serial number authentication

● Repair Verification

 ● General Quality Inspection

● Process verification

●  Quality Audit

●  Inline Inspection

●  End of Line Inspection

●  Assembly verification