In-Spec Tracker

In-Spec Tracker

Product Overview

In-specTracker is a vision-based system which tracks position of defects precisely within 3dimensions. It is designed for use on complex parts, providing hands free inspection with voice commands audio feedback to an operator.

In-specTracker brings positional data, auditory notation and statistical reporting together. This provides the ability to analyze defect data from same part types, which allows for upstream improvements in the process that previously were difficult to achieve.

Product Features

Records inspection data to a digital twin – In-specTracker supports defect tracking tied to individual (serialized) parts, which allows spatial analysis of defect patterns across parts

Saves time money – the digital data collection, analysis storage process saves time money when compared with traditional, paper based or manual record keeping

Traceability – inspection results are stored for each inspected part allowing historical retrieval.

High degree of positional accuracy – precise location of the defect on the part, regardless of the size, shape or orientation is placed on the digital twin which simplifies identification of the repair area.

Freedom of motion – voice recognition technology algorithms are embedded in the product, reducing the time to perform operations; detailed descriptions regarding the defect are triggered by a simple verbal command and stored with the digital position data.

Tolerant of a range of lighting conditions – In-specTracker was originally designed for use in a fluorescent penetrant inspection booth ie. in very low ambient light however can be used in most other light environments as well

Defect dashboard – this built in statistical reporting tool allows defect types and patterns to be evaluated analyzed. Statistical data such as number and location of defects can be tracked.

Repair cost estimates – based on data input during the configuration stage, In-specTracker can calculate repair cost estimates from the digital defect record

Technical Specifications

An In-specTracker base kit includes cameras with optics, infra-red (IR) lighting, hand held stylus, part targeting and the software application for both pointer tracking, database for results and operator interface (including voice commands)*. A computer is supplied as well (optional monitor).

Operating system: Windows 10

Communication protocol: standard industrial protocols like Profinet or EthernetIP
*An additional electrical control panel for computer mounting may be required.